The Week That Was & Is To Be

Six shows, three lists, two to anticipate, one post.

Dean Winchester manhandles some goons.

Do NOT mess with The Dean!

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A Somewhat Disappointing Wednesday

[Heh.  Better get this posted before the next Wednesday rolls around.]

It really was a disappointing week, if the only shows you’re watching are The Flash, Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, and Supernatural.  I gave the week a .275 battering average.  It’s not great in baseball, and it’s worse in entertainment.

Supernatural:  Paint It Black (1016)

"He ain't heavy, he's my brother," is incorrectly attributed to Jesus.

Um, the quote on the church sign is not from Jesus. It’s the motto of Boys Town, NE, which the Hollies used to make into a song.

I became so restless with this fragmented episode, I did something I rarely do with Supernatural.  I fast-forwarded to near the end.  What seemed to be three separate stories, one of which seemed to be pure exposition and one barely tolerable to watch, finally came together, more or less, but it took its toll.

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The CW’s New Wednesday Line Up (And a Poll!)

Arrow and Supernatural returned with less of a bang than The Flash.  But then, you’d be hard pressed to do as well as “Out of Time.”  I have nothing other than a few random-ish thoughts about both.  How ’bout you?  Anything more cohesive?

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Flash vs and Arrow

The Flash:  Fallout (114)

Firestorm splits into his two inhabitants.

“Nuclear Man” fallout: Nuclear men.

Ranking this week’s characters:

1.  Iris

She rises to the top mainly because she’s finally being given a worthy story line, that of investigating the suspecious activities going on at STAR Labs.  Bonus points for no longer working at Jitters.

2.  Everyone else

In an episode of significant events, no one really stood.  Everyone was great.  The Firestorm arc concluded nicely, leaving open the probability for a return sometime in the future.  (Unless Robbie Amell’s movie career takes off.)

Arrow:  The Return (314)

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Last Week’s Television Shows This Week

Where we discuss episodes from the past couple weeks.

1. Constantine and Grimm

I’d lost interest in these shows a while back, so the episodes had been piling up on the DVR.  Due to a tv drought (after all, how many times can you rewatch Outlander?), I finally caught up.  Guess what?  They’ve been kind of good.  Grimm in particular.

2.  Constantine and Supernatural
Sam and Dean check out the dump yard.

The Winchester conduct some good old-fashioned flashlight-foo.

“A Whole World Out There,” Constantine’s 11th episode (which aired way back on Jan 30) felt a lot like Supernatural.  Sure enough, this past week’s Supernatural‘s “Halt & Catch Fire” was eerily similar.  Both shows featured four college students (two guys, two gals) dealing with spirits beyond our realm.  Three of the students died:  first one of the guys, then a gal, then the other guy; leaving only the final gal to survive, but not before a close encounter with the dead spirit.  Methinks there is formulaic television at work.  Constantine‘s episode was more macabre than Supernatural‘s, but then, Constantine is pretty damned macabre in general.

3.  Arrow Last Week

Last week’s Arrow, The One Where Oliver Returned “Uprising,” left me uninspired.  Maybe it was because Felicity rejected Oliver.  Or because Ted Grant died (I’m assuming).  Two developments I  deeply dislike, so nothing to say.  Moving on…

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Decisions, Decisions

So, I ordered a “Sinceriously” t-shirt yesterday.  I’m not one to wear a celebrity’s face on my clothes (unless you count the time I ironed a small picture of Benjamin Bratt onto the wrong side of a white tee some years ago), but Stephen Amell’s charity supporting Stand for the Silent and Paws and Stripes is something I can get behind.  Besides, can one ever have too many tees?  I think not.

But I had a dilemma.  Should I order the crew neck tee in aqua Tahiti blue, or the v-neck tee in heather gray.  I really like the blue of Tahiti, and all my tees are crew necks.  But I also like heather gray and v-necks in general, but it’s $2.00 more.

So, what was my deciding factor?

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