Orphan Black Season 3

Good news!  Orphan Black is back!  Bad news: it’s on at exactly the same time as Outlander, so clone viewing will be taking a back seat in this household.

I’m still pretty damned confused.  After nine months, all the talk of Leda, Topside, DNA trademarking, and clone-boy program, the episode required major brain power to reconnect all the dots, especially when the dots weren’t connected in the first place.

Side note:  I’m am now officially, certifiably claustrophobic.  Helena’s crate scenes scared the bejesus out of me.  We’re talking massive physiological trauma.  Talking scorpion?  Piece of cake in comparison.

Thank You, Orphan Black

You helped me through a difficult night—and were damn entertaining in the process.

Felix, Kira and Sarah head out of town.

Felix, Sarah, and her daughter Kira go camping.

Sometime last year, I tried to watch Orphan Black (OnDemand) because everyone was talking about it.  I got as far as the second scene of the first episode, where Vic the Dick comes to Felix’s apartment looking for Sarah.  Then, last week, Natalie tweeted (or retweeted?) something to the effect of  “You know what I like about #OrphanBlack?  Everything!”  So I decided to give it another try.

I’m glad I did.  About the time Sarah discovered Beth was a cop, I was intrigued.  By the end of the first episode (when Katja was shot), I was hooked.  I’d planned to discipline my watching to one or two episodes a day.  Of course that didn’t happen.

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