Fandom-meter Readings

The winter hiatus is upon us.  With several posts sitting in my Draft box, perhaps it’s time to try a new tactic. The authors at Previously.TV use several different formats for their reviews, one of the being “Rankled,” in which characters (and maybe events?) are ranked according to their actions in various episodes.

Now is the perfect time to reflect on the shows I’ve been watching.  What are these shows and how do they fare on my current “fandometer”?  More importantly, which shows are interesting enough to cover?  (The photos below should give you a hint.A)

(How funny that these three shows are on the CW, because I am far from the demographic they’re aiming for.)

1.  The Flash is living up to its pre-season hype.  It’s been rather light-hearted (for a series that deals with crime, death, and evil).  Will that continue now that we’ve had two (re-)defining episodes?  More thoughts will be forth-coming.

2.  Arrow.  Yep, The Flash/Arrow crossover did exactly what it was supposed to do—pique my interest in a show I hadn’t watched recently.  I don’t know if Arrow will remain in the #2 spot, but since I’ve been watching seasons 1 and 2 nearly non-stop, this is where it stands as of today.  Again, more thoughts will be posted during the hiatus.

3.  Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  (That’s the last time you’ll see me type out the “official” title for a while.)  This show has been so good this season, it’s currently out-ranking Supernatural on the fandometer.  But a great first part of the season does not guarantee a great second part, especially given a watershed episode such as “What They Become.”

4.  Supernatural.  It’s hard to maintain momentum when a show’s been running as long as Supernatural.  The second half of season 8 proved the show still has some juice in it, and the Dean’s Mark of Cain could prove to be as engrossing as the Trials of season 8 if the show doesn’t veer too far into its “brother lying to brother” mode.

5.  Gotham.  Unlike The Flash, it hasn’t quite lived up to its pre-season hype.  The show has become so bogged down with the “Making of the Penguin” story, I’m not sure I’ll continue watching.

6.  Constantine.  It might have been ranked higher than Gotham, but I’ve yet to watch the latest episode, so how high can my interest be?  Actually, “A Feast of Friends,” in which John Constantine convinced an old friend to host an unbeatable demon nearly turned me off the show.  But the subsequent “Danse Voudou,” along with the introduction of recurring character Joe Corrigan, changed my mind.

7.  Grimm is another show I watch, but am seldom moved to discuss.  Nor do I see that changing in the near future.

8. Sleepy Hollow.  I’ve officially given up on the show.  “The Akeda” was yet another “end of the world is nigh” episode, and was a solid zero on the fandometer.  Not only did I stop watching after the first three minutes, I immediately deleted it from the DVR.

Sleepy Hollow: Mama (209)

Abbie, Jennie, and Hawley uncover a mural by Lori Mills.

(No words needed)

Why “Mama” is the Best Sleepy Hollow Episode Ever.  Ever!

1.  There’s hardly anything more potent than the relationships between mothers and daughters, especially one as tragic as that of the Mills girls.  Sleepy Hollow delivered all of the emotion and angst in spades.

Aunjanue Ellis played Lori Mills on Sleepy Hollow.

Perfect casting!

2.  Aunjanue Ellis:  They needed an awesome (and beautiful) actress for the part of Lori Mills, and they got it.  I can’t think of anyone better suited.

3.  The two girls who play young Abbie and young Jennie are absolutely perfect.  I was impressed with them last year, and it’s reinforced with every appearance.  Another coup for the casting department!

3.  Abbie and Jenny tearing at the wall to get at the drawing underneath the plaster.  It began as a curiosity but quickly became more and more frantic, underlying their need to know more about their mother.

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Procrastinator’s Roundup, Part 3: Meh Monday

So many shows to watch on Monday.  So little to say about them.  Which is why I won’t be covering any of them in any regular manner.


I continue to watch Gotham, but in general have little to say about it.   What I enjoy most about the show is what critics seem to dislike, the inclusion of young Bruce Wayne.  But this is what gives the story its heart.

Alfred accompanies Bruce Wayne to a corporation board meeting.

Alfred & Bruce: The best (i.e., my favorite) reason to watch Gotham

We’re told Jim Gordon is a decorated combat veteran, and the son of the city’s one-time District Attorney who was killed before his time, yet these haven’t been addressed since the pilot.  Nor has there been much effort to portray him as a lone policeman fighting corruption.  The only depth of character we’ve seen is his relationship with his fiance Barbara Kean, and that’s not only boring, it’s currently on the outs.  (And will hopefully remain so.)  I’d love the writers to explore the history of Gordon’s father.  Was it really a random car accident that killed him?

Gordon’s partner Harvey Bullock is an enigma.  He may not be on the take, but he’s not a do-gooder like Gordon.  We’ll likely learn more about him as the series progresses, which might add some depth to him.   Supposedly the next episode, “Spirit of the Goat” (106), explores some of Harvey’s history.

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Doctor Gotham Hollow SHIELD

A Roundup of Doctor Who, Gotham, Sleepy Hollow, and Agents of SHIELD

(Guess I better get this posted before another week goes by.)

Doctor Who: The Caretaker (106)

Peter Capaldi’s Doctor makes me smile.  Until he gets all pissy and judgemental.  His new found dislike of soldiers doesn’t make sense.  But I enjoyed the episode.  Clara admitted she loved Danny (although what’s been shown of their relationship really hasn’t borne that out).  Danny learned about the TARDIS.  I’m not sure where the show will go from here.  Surprise me, Steven Moffat.  In a good way!

An Eleven look-alike!  When I first saw him in the teacher’s meeting, I thought it was just a tongue-in-cheek nod to the past.  But he turned out to have a slightly larger role to play.  It was cute, even if a little egocentric for the Doctor.

There as a new creature to cause havoc with the world, but I kind of felt sorry for it.  It had to play third string to the Doctor wreaking havoc with Clara’s classes, and the whole Doctor/Danny debacle.  Surely something so destructive should be seen again.  Yes?

Gotham: Selina Kyle (102)

The mayor of Gotham hold a press conference.

Would you believe anything out of this guy’s mouth?

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Catching Up with Monday

I’m sure this is an easy question for any Whovian.  What’s the connection between Gotham and Doctor Who?

Gotham:  Pilot (101)

All of Gotham's big wigs turn out for the funeral of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne.

It’s a grand turnout for the funeral of Thomas and Martha Wayne.

Yes, it’s dark and dreary, with a film noir/graphic novel feel, but it fits.  I’m on board, at least for now.

Not having an in-depth knowledge of the Batman legend, I may be at a disadvantage, but I don’t see it that way.  Yes, I know about the major villains, but not their backgrounds; and I know next to nothing about James Gordon.  So I can watch the story unfold as its told, without the quibbles that happen when shows depart from well-known (and well-loved) stories.

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Well crap.  Intelligence was cancelled in favor of another season of The Mentalist.  That makes yet another show down the drain.  My Current SciFi category is going to be significantly smaller next season.   Let’s look at the count.

Freshmen programs:

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Sleepy Hollow Season Finale

Abbie and Crane discover George Washington is not buried at Mount Vernon.

The Mount Vernon docents must be pissed!

You may have noticed a dearth of Sleepy Hollow posts recently.  That’s because this show is so whack-a-doodle crazy, it became difficult (for me) to rationally discuss.  (Besides, I’m hoping Suzanne will cover it at Damsel Undistressed.   *hint*)  So, what would you expect for a season ending to such a crazy-assed show?  More crazy-assedness, yeah?  Well, you would be right.

Three words sum it all up.

           Zombie George Washington

Prior to the two-episode airing last night, the Sleepy Hollow forum at Television Without Pity had been rife with speculation, and some of it came surprisingly close.  I’m sure the finale will inspire more speculation, especially since we have two-thirds of a year to wait.

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Where Was I?

Ok, the Doctor Who-athon is over.  Now I’m just waiting for the Christmas special.  What with that and getting ready for the holidays, I’ve neglected the site and the shows.  What have I missed?

Almost Human:  Only two episodes, “The Bends,” and “Blood Brothers.”  And one contained full-frontal nudity!  (Funny how that’s the main thing I remember.)

Sleepy Hollow:   Oh good, just “The Golem.”  That’s not too bad.

Agents of SHIELD:  Again, only one, “The Bridge.”  It’s nice when a series gets a week off.  Thank you, ABC.

Supernatural:  I’m up to date!  But then, “Holy Terror” was so incredible, it had to be discussed immediately.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland:  Whoa!  I’ve really been neglectful here.  “Heart of Stone” received only a small Quick Take.  I still have “Who’s Alice,” “Bad Blood,” and “Home” to go.

And let’s not forget Defenders of Berk!  I’m even further behind with it than with Once … in Wonderland But then, I kind of planned that.

Guess I better get crackin’!  The winter hiatus doesn’t last forever.

Thanksgiving Week Wrap-Up

Here’s a recap of this week’s episodes.  A special Thank You goes out to Suzanne at Damsel Undistressed who’s written some GREAT recaps herself.  She’s lessened my workload. by nearly half.  Thanks, Suzanne!

Almost Human:  Are You Receiving (103)

There are certain kinds of shows I really dislike.  One is when hostages are taken at the beginning of the episode.  The minute they showed the office scene, I knew the whole episode would be about rescuing them.

John fixes Dorian's injury with chewing gum.

Mending a robot—one of those times times when gum (or duct tape) comes in handy.

Given that, the show moved along quickly enough.  Yes, there were tropes along the way.  Cops disregarding orders from the boss, secret communication with one of the hostages, and possibly the hostages being a diversion from the “real” crime.  (Even though kidnapping is a far worse crime than robbery.)  But the episodes had original moments, too.  Dorian answering the “telephone” with different voices, getting shot in the head and patched up with gum.  I was certain the ice fishing story was made up, but its veracity was never answered.  The fact that Dorian could hear John’s confession of his middle name while “out” might have been expected, but the pay-off of Dorian singing along to “Benny and the Jets”  was priceless.

And Rudy saved the day!  Sort of.

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Sleepy Hollow: Necromancer (108)

Oh Ichabod.  For such a smart and sensitive man, your timing is atrocious.  You tell your “best friend” Abraham of the love you and his former fiance have for each other the day after she breaks up with him?  While you’re on an important super-secret mission?  Behind enemy lines?

I’m not sure it was the writers’ intention, but Ichabod was rather unlikable this week.  He doesn’t seem to care about his best bud’s feelings (while professing he does), and he lets the Headless Horseman manipulate him so much, he yells at Abbie “I am in control!” when clearly he’s not.

Katrina and Crane celebrate Katrina's engagement—to another.

Katrina: Pretty high highfalutin’ for a Quaker, doncha’ think?

This show makes no sense.  Did you know the Horseman’s “mission” was to kill the Masons?  I thought it was to find his head to bring about the End of Days. Did I miss something along the way?  Or is this just another convenient change in direction to further the story?  Sort of like…

Katrina the Quaker nurse prancing around in ornate dresses and accessories, attending posh soirees.  And why does she speak with a thick British accent when she’s supposed to be Colonial?  I’m not sure if the Katrina problem is that the show creators don’t know what to do with her, or if it’s because the actress isn’t particularly good.

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