Supernatural: Season 9’s Top Seven Episodes

With the new fall season about to start (where did the summer go??), it’s time to look back on the last season of Supernatural.  While season 9 wasn’t quite as good as season 8 (which re-energized my love—and Suzanne’s—for this show), it had its gems.  We had two excellent story arcs with several shocking twists and turns along the way.

Here are my seven favorite episodes from an excellent season, in chronological order (since I’m not sure I could rank them).

Dean watches over a comatose Sam.

I Think I’m Going to Like It Here (901)

1.  I Think I’m Going to Like It Here (901):  Supernatural’s season premieres are often among their best.  E.g., “In My Time of Dying” (201) and “Lazarus Rising” (401) are two classic all-time favorites.  “I Think I’m Going to Like It Here” could have come across as a rehash of old patterns, but it combined some well-worn scenarios with fresh prespectives.  With the added bonus of Jim Beaver’s Bobby and Julian Richings’ Death, actors and characters I adore. Continue reading

Supernatural: Do You Believe in Miracles? (923)

On this show, a miracle can be a dubious thing.  Who knew the miracle in question would be Crowley’s?  That’s more ominous than dubious.

Castiel asks Gadreel to join the good side.

“Step into the light, Gadreel.”

Suzanne has been keeping up with the Winchester saga at Damsel Undistressed.  Her reviews of the last three episodes of season 9 are well worth reading.  Just a few comments on the previous two before I head into the season finale:

  • King of the Damned (921):  Were you as surprised at Abaddon’s demise as I was?  I thought the Battle for Hell would continue up to the season finale.  But it made sense to clean the slate for the Battle for Heaven, since that’s what this season’s overall arc has been.  (Incidentally, in 18th century Scotland, Gavin MacLeod would more likely have been Presbyterian than Catholic.  Just sayin’.  I know this because I was raised Presbyterian.  And still am, more or less.)
  • Stairway to Heaven (922):  What a great title; it almost made up for “Alex Annie Alexis Ann.” Almost.  Suzanne’s insights and knowledge of pop culture references are so much better than mine, I really have nothing to add.  Since that episode ended with Gadreel being sliced open with the First Blade, I thought perhaps Castiel would take his grace.  But what did happen in the finale was better.

Supernatural finales tend to be epic, usually with a shocking twist at the very end.  This was no exception. Continue reading

Supernatural in a Word

Dean Winchester begins feeling the effects of the First Blade.

The season finale does not bode well for Dean.

I had planned to include “Do You Believe in Miracles?” in the “Season/Series Finale-Palooza,” especially since I hadn’t covered the previous two episodes.  But last night’s ending was so shocking, it must be addressed immediately and can’t be hidden underneath Grimm and Warehouse 13.

So, in a word… Continue reading

It’s Rate-a-Palooza Time! Part 1

I’ve recovered somewhat from my Charlie White crush.  So, shall we do a little catching up?  Lots of episodes have aired since last we reviewed (mid-April).  Which episodes were good?  Or not so good?


FBI Agent Farrell is back with a new partner.

FBI Agent Farrell is back!

This show is getting good!  There’s been a nice story arc building with the past three episodes. Big Events have occurred, an old frenemy has returned, and we learn Channing’s first name.  It’s Janice.

Bang and Blame (107)

I give this episode 3 stars.

We discover Channing initially worked for Skouras, but flipped sides when she saw what Bo could do.  While in a coma, Bo realizes Tate is her father.  Other than that, it wasn’t particularity memorable. Continue reading

The Second Season Poll Results

Well yes, you could just look at the post below to see the final tally of which freshman sci fi shows should get a second season, but since I’ve been neglecting this site for a week or two, I thought it might good to report on something, anything.

The winners are Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Intelligence.  Whether ABC or CBS will take our recommendations to heart is unclear.  With a total of 25 votes (i.e., 13 voters, since one of you only voted for 1 show), we probably don’t make up a majority of the viewing (and sponsor-buying) public.

 Karl Urban and Michael Ealy starred in Almost Human on Fox

Goodbye Karl Urban and Michael Ealy.

Personally, I voted for Intelligence and Almost Human, but news came this week that Fox didn’t renew the latter.  There is a rather clever conversation about the cancellation on (the defacto replacement for Television Without Pity, which thankfully died earlier this spring).  Like Natalie and me, the reviewers faithfully watched the show while complaining how it could be better.   Or was that just me?

I admit I have been ignoring my favorite sci fi shows.  I didn’t watch last week’s Supernatural (Alex Annie Alexis Ann) until yesterday, and have yet to watch “Bloodlines.”  (Although I plan to later today.)  I just finished this week’s Agents of SHIELD and I have to say, it was pretty darned good.  We’ll see where the end of the season takes us.  Look for Agents and Supernatural reviews later this weekend.

My sci fi watching schedule has been derailed by my new obsession for love of interest in Charlie White on Dancing With the Stars.  Along with the rest of America, I’ve been smitten with the charming, adorable mop-topped Olympic ice-dancing champion; and have been spending entirely too much time rewatching his dances and stalking him on the internet.  As someone somewhere on the internet said, “”If you threw the essence of sunshine, puppies, and rainbows into a jug and shook them up, you’d pour out Charlie White.”  Aww.

 Hello Charlie White (and Meryl Davis and Sharna Burgess)!

Supernatural Agents of SHIELD

Don’t you just love hate the punny titles?  Too bad.  They’ll continue wherever possible.  😀

Agents of SHIELD:  Providence (118)

I stopped covering Agents of SHIELD a while back, mainly because it wasn’t riveting enough to hold my interest.

Fitz and Simmons back up Skye.

One of these things (Skye) is not like the others (FitzSimmons).

Episode 117, “Turn, Turn, Turn” changed all that, ending with a shocking reveal.  I had already guessed the “clairvoyant” was Bill Paxton (aka John Garrett), so that wasn’t a big surprise.  However, I had not anticipated a mole within the SHIELD team.  Kudos to the sudden. unexpected, and brutal way it was revealed.  In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, agent Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) had been working for John Garrett all along.  While escorting Garrett to prison (aka the Fridge?), he killed “Hub” director and Coulson superior Victoria Hand.  (At least it’s assumed she’s dead.)

Now that’s how you make a dull character interesting! Continue reading

Supernatural: Blade Runners (916) Quick Takes

Dean handles the "First Blade" with dire results.

It’s all about Dean this (half-)season. I like it.

If you heard a huge groan around 9:15 (ET), that was me reading the “Special Guest Star” credits for “Blade Runners.”  Thankfully, Snooki’s part was even shorter than Paris Hilton’s in… whatever episode that was.  Actually, Snooki wasn’t too bad.  A crossroads demon was a great part for her.

So Crowley’s phone lists Dean as “Not Moose.”  Does that mean Sam’s phone shows up as “Not Squirrel”?  And Sam is researching “Cain and Abel, The First Brothers.”  Because?  Is he preparing himself if Dean should turn against him?

Continue reading

Supernatural: #THINMAN (115)

Wow, we’re coming up on the final stretch of season 9.  Seems like only yesterday Sam was dying and Dean was making deals with angels.

Ed tells Dean and Sam about creating Thinman.

Whoever thought Dean & Ed were alike?

Harry and Ed, everyone’s favorite Ghostfacers (well, not everyone’s, but I’ve always enjoyed them) are back.  And it looks like they’ve matured a bit.  I mean physically.  They look grown-up(ish).  As for emotionally maturing, that doesn’t appear until later.

Sam and Dean’s relationship is still strained.  It’s interesting to see how Dean is coping with the situation.  After Sam shut him out (literally) last week, it feels like he’s just resigned himself to the situation.  They’re not talking, given Dean is set to go out on this hunt alone.  Well, maybe not “not talking,” but they’re certainly avoiding each other.

Continue reading

Supernatural Quick Take: Captives (914)

Dean and Sam capture a demon working at a storage facility.

Beware of the evil storage facility!

Yay! Supernatural is back with a great episode.  We had closure with Kevin and Mrs. Tran.  Castiel upended the leadership cart in the angel wars, creating hope for a more peaceful settlement. Dean and Sam have snazzy new FBI suits.  Very mod!  In the way that “Holy Terror” left me stunned and dazed, “Captives” filled me with optimism, leaving me all happy and glowing.

Until the last two minutes.

Damn it, Sam Winchester!  Get that stick out of your butt!

Supernatural: First Born (911)

Timothy Omundson plays Cain

The First Murderer shucks some corn.

After the big-bang episode that was “Holy Terror,” last week’s “Road Trip” felt somewhat lack luster.  I feared the Supernatural writing team was resting on old laurels.   The brothers quarrel and separate, the brothers make up and get back together again.  And given that all the previews featured Dean and Crowley, I figured “First Born” would once again be a relatively Sam-less episode.  Thank you, Supernatural writers,for proving me wrong.

Jen at Fresh from the… mentioned last week how the show tends to rehash the same old story lines.  It’s always Sam who’s possessed or given special powers, etc., and wouldn’t be interesting if Dean were “the chosen one.”  (Of course, the one time Dean was given an other-worldly task, to be Michael’s vessel, he fought it tooth and nail.)

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