Supernatural: #THINMAN (115)

Wow, we’re coming up on the final stretch of season 9.  Seems like only yesterday Sam was dying and Dean was making deals with angels.

Ed tells Dean and Sam about creating Thinman.

Whoever thought Dean & Ed were alike?

Harry and Ed, everyone’s favorite Ghostfacers (well, not everyone’s, but I’ve always enjoyed them) are back.  And it looks like they’ve matured a bit.  I mean physically.  They look grown-up(ish).  As for emotionally maturing, that doesn’t appear until later.

Sam and Dean’s relationship is still strained.  It’s interesting to see how Dean is coping with the situation.  After Sam shut him out (literally) last week, it feels like he’s just resigned himself to the situation.  They’re not talking, given Dean is set to go out on this hunt alone.  Well, maybe not “not talking,” but they’re certainly avoiding each other.

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Supernatural Quick Take: Captives (914)

Dean and Sam capture a demon working at a storage facility.

Beware of the evil storage facility!

Yay! Supernatural is back with a great episode.  We had closure with Kevin and Mrs. Tran.  Castiel upended the leadership cart in the angel wars, creating hope for a more peaceful settlement. Dean and Sam have snazzy new FBI suits.  Very mod!  In the way that “Holy Terror” left me stunned and dazed, “Captives” filled me with optimism, leaving me all happy and glowing.

Until the last two minutes.

Damn it, Sam Winchester!  Get that stick out of your butt!

Supernatural: First Born (911)

Timothy Omundson plays Cain

The First Murderer shucks some corn.

After the big-bang episode that was “Holy Terror,” last week’s “Road Trip” felt somewhat lack luster.  I feared the Supernatural writing team was resting on old laurels.   The brothers quarrel and separate, the brothers make up and get back together again.  And given that all the previews featured Dean and Crowley, I figured “First Born” would once again be a relatively Sam-less episode.  Thank you, Supernatural writers,for proving me wrong.

Jen at Fresh from the… mentioned last week how the show tends to rehash the same old story lines.  It’s always Sam who’s possessed or given special powers, etc., and wouldn’t be interesting if Dean were “the chosen one.”  (Of course, the one time Dean was given an other-worldly task, to be Michael’s vessel, he fought it tooth and nail.)

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Where Was I?

Ok, the Doctor Who-athon is over.  Now I’m just waiting for the Christmas special.  What with that and getting ready for the holidays, I’ve neglected the site and the shows.  What have I missed?

Almost Human:  Only two episodes, “The Bends,” and “Blood Brothers.”  And one contained full-frontal nudity!  (Funny how that’s the main thing I remember.)

Sleepy Hollow:   Oh good, just “The Golem.”  That’s not too bad.

Agents of SHIELD:  Again, only one, “The Bridge.”  It’s nice when a series gets a week off.  Thank you, ABC.

Supernatural:  I’m up to date!  But then, “Holy Terror” was so incredible, it had to be discussed immediately.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland:  Whoa!  I’ve really been neglectful here.  “Heart of Stone” received only a small Quick Take.  I still have “Who’s Alice,” “Bad Blood,” and “Home” to go.

And let’s not forget Defenders of Berk!  I’m even further behind with it than with Once … in Wonderland But then, I kind of planned that.

Guess I better get crackin’!  The winter hiatus doesn’t last forever.

Supernatural: Holy Terror (909)

Metatron meets with the angel inhabiting Sam.

It’s never a good sign when Metatron shows up.

Ho.Ly.Frak!  Jeremy Carver wishes us all a Merry Christmas.  He’s certainly left us with a boat load of angst and drama to mull over during the winter hiatus.

Shock and awe abound throughout fandom.  Sandy and Suzanne are flailing with excitement (and they’re primarily Sam/Jared fans, who should be worrying about Sam’s welfare).  The reviewer at said it best:

I’m gutted.  Heartbroken. Sad. Devastated. Shocked. Lying flat on the floor of my office staring up at the ceiling in a semi-catatonic state of disbelief.

One word kept running through my mind during this episode:  Game-changer!  (Or is that two words.?)

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Thanksgiving Week Wrap-Up

Here’s a recap of this week’s episodes.  A special Thank You goes out to Suzanne at Damsel Undistressed who’s written some GREAT recaps herself.  She’s lessened my workload. by nearly half.  Thanks, Suzanne!

Almost Human:  Are You Receiving (103)

There are certain kinds of shows I really dislike.  One is when hostages are taken at the beginning of the episode.  The minute they showed the office scene, I knew the whole episode would be about rescuing them.

John fixes Dorian's injury with chewing gum.

Mending a robot—one of those times times when gum (or duct tape) comes in handy.

Given that, the show moved along quickly enough.  Yes, there were tropes along the way.  Cops disregarding orders from the boss, secret communication with one of the hostages, and possibly the hostages being a diversion from the “real” crime.  (Even though kidnapping is a far worse crime than robbery.)  But the episodes had original moments, too.  Dorian answering the “telephone” with different voices, getting shot in the head and patched up with gum.  I was certain the ice fishing story was made up, but its veracity was never answered.  The fact that Dorian could hear John’s confession of his middle name while “out” might have been expected, but the pay-off of Dorian singing along to “Benny and the Jets”  was priceless.

And Rudy saved the day!  Sort of.

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Supernatural: Bad Boys (907) Quick Take

Less than one week to Thanksgiving!  This year, I’m thankful for Supernatural seasons 5-7.  Their mediocrity allowed me take a step back from the show and its fandom.  So what if young Sam looked to be 8 or 10 years old instead of the 12 he was supposed to be.  The important take away from the scene is Dean’s total and absolute love for Sam.

Sonny uncuffs a young Dean.

Oh Dean, even at 16 you’re sassing policemen enough to get handcuffed.

You know you’ve been watching Supernatural too long when a tine fork-equipped tractor impales its victim, propelling the tines through the barn door (with a bit of blood on the center tines)… and you laugh out loud.  Oh yes, I did!

I was delighted to see Blake Gibbons in the credits.  In my General Hospital days, he played the owner of a strip club who forced Courtney to dance in order to pay off her husband AJ’s debts.  Until she was rescued by AJ’s brother, mob thug Jason.  (Oh soaps, you are something else.)  It’s nice to know he can play good guys, too.

Sam finds Dean's name on a bed with a hex symbol.

One little moment holds so much brotherly love.

The episode was a good one until the last 10 minutes.  Then it became wonderful.  I haven’t had time to rewatch the episode (which I normally do before posting), so I can’t comment on Sam’s supposed unawareness or nonchalance with Dean’s two-month absence.  All I know is John is an ass,  Dean loves Sam enough to leave a good life behind, and Sam knows it.  Oh, and D-Dog!

What did you think?