Supernatural’s death toll, part..?

The holidays have allowed me some time to zip through Supernatural episodes, in an effort to get to the end of collecting statistics on its victims.  At this point I’m a little burned out, but I am ahead of schedule.  Plus, I don’t have to watch the entire episode, meaning I can fast-forward through all of Ruby’s scenes (both incarnations) and any other stuff that causes my eyes to roll.  One episode I’ve watched several time this holiday season, with no fast-forwarding, is “A Very Supernatural Christmas.”  Although I still have trouble watching the infamous fingernail scene.

Sam & Dean dismantle a Christmas tree

Dean & Sam make sure they don’t get filleted by a hooker from God by taking down their Christmas decorations in a timely manner.

Getting back on track, I’ve managed to update the Super Stats through episode 4.04, “Metamorphosis.”  The ratio of people who’ve died on the show remains around ⅔ men, ⅓ women, and about 10% ethnic.  Once I’m complete, I’ll compare those numbers to that of the actual population.  🙂  You can check out the overall numbers on the Super Stats page.  And be sure to check out the detailed data, which lists victims by name, here.  (This link, while only giving you incomplete data for season 5, will give you access to all the other seasons.)

The death toll rises

[Update: The Super Stats page is no longer available.]

Sam & Dean from "Phantom Traveler"

Dean appears skeptical of The Great Supernatural Death Count.  Sam is intrigued.

The results are in for the Great Supernatural Death Count through the end of season 1 (plus select season 5 episodes).  Are you as skeptical as Dean?  As interested as Sam?  The totals (so far) are on the Super Stats page; and the details, including death by names are also available.

The details page also includes explanations of who I counted and didn’t.  In a nutshell, I’m counting human deaths.  Demons in a human host aren’t counted unless we know/see the person prior to possession and know the victim’s name.  In the case of a catastrophe (plane crash), only the people with names are counted.  If the death occurred prior to the episode, it’s not counted, unless the death is the reason for the guys’ investigation (e.g., Emily from “Skin”).

I encourage your comments.  Are my numbers correct?  (I have been known to make mistakes, so if you spot one, please let me know!)  Do you agree with my methodology?  Should humans who don’t die but are still victims of the supernatural (e.g., turned into vampires) be included in the death count?  Should Pa Bender be included in the count?  Although technically a human, he certainly isn’t human.  Do you agree?  Or am I full of it?  😉

Let the facts begin!

Man, I am so confused! I’m not sure what I’ve posted and what hasn’t been posted. I started posts both last night and the night before, but I think I pooped out before I got the data all prettified. This epsidose rewatching schedule and Christmas preparation (and not being able to kill time at work) is kicking my ass!

So, until I get to the weekend and can spend some time figuring out how to best present the data, I’m just going to give y’all the dirty low down without any of the fancy-schmancy tables.

So here we go.

Raw numbers through the first 9 episodes:

Total # victims: 20
# men victims: 13
# of women: 7
# of ethnic deaths: 1
# of dead white men: 12
(You can gather from this data that the ethnic death is male.)

How does that work out percentage-wise?

% of male deaths: 65%
% female deaths: 35%
% ethnic deaths: 5%
% white male deaths: 60%
% of male deaths that are white men: 92.3%

And here’s something to chew on until my next Supernatural statistics report.  Here’s some numbers on the general U.S. population (from the U.S. Census Bureau), just for comparison (for now).

% population that is female: 51% (Really! It’s not 50%, probably because women tend to outlive men.)

77% is white
24% is ethnic (all races and mixed)
11% is black/African-American

Discussion will ensue later, but you’re welcome to start voicing your opinions!

Let the facts begin!

Yes, you’ve come to the right place.  I’ve changed themes again.  It’s not the one I really wanted, but it  gives me a chance to show off my awesomely adorable  scifi chicks.

The real news is I’ve begun my Supernatural fact finding mission.  For now I’m putting the results in a list on the “Super Facts” page.

Here’s a bit of trivia I’ve learned from this mission so far:  the 2nd of  Tommy’s friends to bite it in “Wendego”  is played by Glee‘s Cory Monteith.  From monster chow to teen heart throb, that’s quite an impressive leap.