101 Dalmaitons, no, Dragons, er, Followers!

Woohoo!  SciFi Chicks followers have broken the 3-digit mark!  Thank you!

In looking over which posts have received the most views, the popular shows seem to be Supernatural and everything in the How to Train Your Dragon universe—movies, television shows, and books.  Hey, those are my two favorite fandoms, too!

I wish I had some sort of contest or give away to celebrate, but I don’t.  So, how about this:

Your How to Train Your Dragon 2 Musings

Toothless & Cloudjumper want to read your reviews of How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Toothless & Cloudjumper want your opinions!

Have you seen How to Train Your Dragon 2?  (I’ve been waiting for the weekend rush to subside.)  If so, I’d love to hear what you think.  Please post your thoughts in the comments section.  You can do a complete review, link to a review you wrote or like, or just say whether you liked it or not.

Thanks, everyone!

[P.S.  Just as this post was published this, another follower joined the fun!  Welcome!  Whee!]

Where are those recaps?

I blame Downton Abbey.  And February.  Gosh, I find all sorts of things to blame for my laziness.

Robert and Matthew walk on the Downton grounds.

Downton Abbey: blessing or curse?

Actually, I’m making a few changes.  First of all, I won’t be covering Merlin anymore.  I’ve had a hard time getting interested in the story this year.  So after a few weeks of trying to get up the energy to even watch an episode, I’ve decided to drop it from the lineup.

Secondly, I’ve been on a Downton Abbey kick.  I’m not sure why, given that I think it’s quite overrated.  But like many things that aren’t good for you, I’ve become hooked.  And like that car wreck on the highway, I can’t look away.

So, this is just a long-ish way of saying I’ll be back with reviews for Supernatural and Dragons: Riders of Berk later this week.  And next week I’ll get caught up with Once Upon a Time.

One other thing.  You may have noticed I changed my rating scheme from 5 stars to 4 stars.  I found 5 stars gave me too many choices, not a good thing for someone as indecisive as I.  Also, sometimes the star ratings are not properly sized.  If that’s the case, just refresh your browser.  (In the meantime, I’ll be troubleshooting.)

We’re Back, Baby!

Yep, after a 2+ year absence, I’ve returned!  The impetus for this return is, surprisingly, a cartoon.

I’ve written a few posts about DreamWorks Dragons: Riders of Berk on my personal blog.  I was going to write more, but decided I ought to fire up the ol’ SciFi Chicks blog once more.  This way I can write about every single episode in a more appropriate forum.  And I can exercise my blogging muscles by writing about other sci fi shows I watch.

I’m in the midst of some blog housekeeping, but decided to begin posting again.  Otherwise, I’ll spend all my time organizing the site and never get any posts written.  🙂

Look for new content soon!

Quick Takes

In an effort to post more frequently, I’m going to try out a new feature I call “Quick Takes.”

Oftentimes, I’ll start to write a review, but have difficulty saying exactly what I want to say.  I’ll work on it for a couple weeks, and by then, it’s… well, it’s 2 weeks old.  I also hesitate to write reviews immediately because sometimes my thought on a particular episode will change, either upon second viewing or  over time as I’ve thought about it.

Quick Takes will be an attempt to give you my first impressions of an episode.   They most likely won’t be deep thoughts, and they certainly won’t be long, but hopefully they’ll be regular.   They’ll be similar to “insta-reactions” on some LiveJournal blogs, but they won’t be quite as “instant.”  Look for Quick Takes to appear the day following an episode.  Or, in the case of Legend of the Seeker, possibly two days later.  (Or, in the case of the first one, 3 days later.)

In the meantime, VOTE!  =================================>

Tripping down memory lane

I blame Natalie for getting me hooked on Modern Family.  I started watching not because she told me it’s a great show, or combines the right amount of humor and sweetness, or has wonderfully goofy characters.  Those are reasons I continue to watch it.  Nope, I started watching when she told me Benjamin Bratt was going to appear as Manny’s (no good) dad.

[Yes, I am a Benjamin Bratt fan, but you probably figured that out from yesterday’s post.  He was the fuel that fired my  passion for web development.   Back in the olden days of the mid-90s, I started a fan site for him.  It was the only site for him, and very small, only a couple pages. But it grew, and I finally discovered what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I don’t run the website anymore. My interests diverted and I just didn’t keep up with the Bratt news. The talented and fabulous Francesca took it over, and her dedication has made the site sing.  /background]

Not only is Benjamin going to be on a terrific show, he’s getting a lot of promotional air time.  ABC has really been hyping his guest stint, giving him “star” status.   This tickles me.  You see, we long-time fans remember the days when he flew so low under the radar, he could ride the NYC subway without being recognized.   For him to be given this level of attention—on his own—is new to us.

As for the character of Manny’s father Javier, we know he’s charming and impressive on the outside, but rotten and selfish as a father. I’m really looking forward to Benjamin’s performance. He plays both the good guy and the bad guy quite well.

As for tonight, I guess I’ll watch the Orange Bowl. My alma mater is playing. Woohoo!

Expanding interests are better than expanding waistlines

Ok.  I signed up for January’s NaBloPoMo.  Again.  I’m going to keep doing this until I get it right!  This time, though, I signed up SciFi Chicks.  I figure more people are interested in tv than me.

So, since this is a special month (and my television interests have expanded to beyond sci fi), I’m going to write about other, non-sci fi shows I really like. Like Modern Family. And Benjamin Bratt’s guest stint on Modern Family.  And… huh, I guess all the other non-sci fi shows I like are between seasons.  Maybe Better Off Ted, too.  I hear it needs a little love.

And who knows.  Maybe if I’m forced motivated to post every day, I’ll get my Legend of the Seeker season 2 and Stargate: Universe reviews written.

So, that’s what my new year will bring.  How about you?

Like our new look?

Yes.  You have reached the Sci Fi Chick(s) blog you all… ok, a couple of you… know and love read.   Besides a new tag line, we have a new look.  But don’t get used to it.  It’s only here until I can create a “custom header” that features more than just Supernatural.

Why the change?  Because it turns out “ChaoticSoul” is the most popular theme at WordPress.com and I wanted something a little more unique.  (And this theme looks a little goofy on a wide screen monitor.)

[As you get to know me, you’ll find that I am obsessed with WordPress themes and get frustrated because there’s no one WordPress.com theme that gives me all the features I want.  And I’m not good enough to create one myself.]