Believe in Warehouse 13

How about a “quick and dirty” discussion of episodes from four early-week shows?  Here are thoughts on Sunday’s Believe and Monday’s Warehouse 13.  Thoughts on Tuesdays Agents of SHIELD and Supernatural will be posted later—because the first two reviews turned out to be not so quick. 😉

Believe:  Sinking (106)

Like last week’s episode, “Sinking” broke out of the rut this show had fallen into; I’m hoping it’s finally hitting its stride.  Granted, that won’t mean a thing if it doesn’t get more viewers.

Last week, Bo removed Tate’s ankle restraint (with her mind!).  This week Tate takes advantage of his freedom to return to his hometown to settle old scores learn the truth behind the betrayal that landed him on death row.

Tate's father joins Winter, Channing and Bo on the docks.

Tate’s father joins Winter, Channing, and Bo.

Given its significance to the overall story of Believe, “Sinking” should have been a two-parter.  The writers packed so much into one episode, it felt rushed.  What could have been excellent background information was either glossed over, rushed or just plain ignored.  Rather than keeping the two FBI agents from New York, our team was tailed by two new agents.  Using the two New York agents would have given the show some continuity, and upped the stakes, since those two were working for Skouras.

Speaking of Skouras, he’s so single-minded, it’s maniacal.  His villainy has become cartoonish, and it’s a shame.  Kyle MacLauchlan deserves better. Continue reading


Warehouse 13 Season Finale

I give this episode 3 stars.Warehouse 13 has wrapped up its fourth season.  As usual, the fate of the warehouse, and possibly the world, hangs in the balance—not to mention the future of numerous characters.  Sadly, the show’s “be-all-end-all” cliffhangers have become tiresome.  Like “the boy who cried wolf,” it’s happened so many times, do we even care anymore?

The Warehouse 13 agents await word on Mrs. Frederick's condition.

The gang’s (almost) all here:newly serious Pete, nearly absent Steve, super-smart Claudia, and super-sick Myka

“The Truth Hurts” had some excellent moments, some bad moments, some ugly ones, and some that just made me say “WTF?”  In fact, it had too many moments.  This is probably due to Warehouse 13‘s shortened season 5.  Like Eureka, the series will conclude with a meager six episodes next year.  The producers likely had to jam more into this season’s finale than originally intended, in order to be able to wrap things up next year.  Last Resort did something similar that in its final episode.

So, what was good about “The Truth Hurts”?

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