Supernatural: 2 Fevers & a Special

Yellow Fever (406)

This episode gets 4 stars.Dean contracts “ghost sickness” and has only 48 hours before he’ll die of fear.   As he grows more and more paranoid, he and Sam have to figure out what they’re dealing with.

Therein lies this episode’s first controversy. Although both brothers come into contact with the corpse of another “ghost sickness” victim, only Dean is affected.  The reason given why Sam appears to be immune is that the disease only affects “bullies.”  So the show is saying “Dean is a dick, but Sam is not.”

A snake crawls over an already paranoid Dean.

Geez, I wouldn’t need ghost sickness to be frightened here.

Except that’s not what the show is saying.  At this point in the story arc, Dean has spent time in hell, and although he says he doesn’t remember anything of his time there, it’s been hinted otherwise.   “Yellow Fever” confirms that Dean remembers.  Although we don’t yet know what happened, it’s obvious Dean is shaken and feels extremely guilty.

The other outcry came when Bobby and Sam road-hauled a ghost.  Fans said it was much too violent, and wasn’t in the  Winchesters’ nature.  Yet Bobby and Sam were desperate to save Dean, and there was no other option for them.  Bobby said, “This is a terrible plan.”  Plus, the victim was a ghost.  The real violence occurred when the flesh and blood Luther was road-hauled to death.  The way I see it, if the ghost is dead, the spirit is now at rest.

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