Arrow: Broken Arrow (319)

or “The Episode that Made Me Cry.  A Lot.”

In an episode where Stephen Amell didn’t get to wear his green leather pants, everyone told Oliver Queen how much they loved him.  It almost made up for the lack of Stephen Amell in green leather pants. Watching Oliver control Ray’s movements just didn’t have the same impact.

Captain Lance orders police to ram the door to the Arrow-cave on Arrow.

“No plant life will be spared during this raid!”

1.  I miss…
  • cooperative Captain Lance.  I’m beginning to think his obsession with Oliver Queen as the Arrow might be his downfall by the end of this season.  Then Lt. Frank Pike showed up and dang near confirmed it.
  • Oliver and Felicity.  Perhaps it was the double-dose of Felicity and Ray this week (having finally seen The Flash in its entirety), but the lack of the old Oliver/Felicity spark is becoming painful.
    • At least they threw us a couple of fine bones* this week, but that’s matter for a different topic.

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