Supernatural: The Prisoner (1022)

Dean and Sam prepare a funeral pyre for Charlie.

Dean and Sam say a final farewell to Charlie.

Season 10’s penultimate outing was an excellent episode.  It was well written; taut, suspenseful, action-packed, and emotional, with great performances all around.

You know what I liked about it?  Nothing.  So much so, I deleted it from my DVR without rewatching  it.

Mood-wise, the show is at an all time low.  I’ve never felt this depressed, even at the height of the apocalypse at the end of season 5.  But then, I didn’t like that storyline very much.

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The Many Plots of “There’s No Place Like Home”

I would like to see Charlier Bradbury and Sam Winchester hook up.

But first, an open letter to Superantural‘s executive producers.

Dear Robert Singer and Jeremy Carver,

Can Felicia Day please become a Supernatural regular, ala Misha Collins and Mark (A.) Sheppard?  Pretty please?  And then, can she and Sam find romantic happiness together?  With perhaps an adventure in Tuscany searching for The Book of the Damned (by Charles Fort)? Not that I’m telling you how to do your jobs.

Love, Me

P.S. Dean can continue his love triangle with Castiel and Crowley.

Now, about all those plot lines.

1.  How (and why) did Charlie become evil?  And why is she torturing people?
Resolved at the 15 minute mark (with commercials).

2.  Why does Evil Charlie call Sam and Dean “Rocket and Groot”?
Ok, this isn’t really a plot point, but still…  Hmm, a quick Google search informs me that I should have watched Guardians of the Galaxy like I’d planned to last weekend.

3.  Who killed Charlie’s parents?
Solved within 19 minutes.

4.  How can our heroes deal with Evil Charlie without being able to go to Oz?
Resolved at 40 minutes.

Dean beats up Charlie.

Bad, Dean! Bad!

5.  How long will Dean last before the Mark of Cain takes over?
Since threatening the Defense Attorney doesn’t count (because Normal Dean would have done that), Dark Dean didn’t appear until 45 minutes into the show.

6.  Why is Dark Charlie’s wardrobe so much cooler than Good Charlie’s?

7.  How the hell did Jared Padalecki fit in Good Charlie’s teeny-weenie car?   He has a hard enough time riding in the Impala!
That mystery continues.


Supernatural Agents of SHIELD

Don’t you just love hate the punny titles?  Too bad.  They’ll continue wherever possible.  😀

Agents of SHIELD:  Providence (118)

I stopped covering Agents of SHIELD a while back, mainly because it wasn’t riveting enough to hold my interest.

Fitz and Simmons back up Skye.

One of these things (Skye) is not like the others (FitzSimmons).

Episode 117, “Turn, Turn, Turn” changed all that, ending with a shocking reveal.  I had already guessed the “clairvoyant” was Bill Paxton (aka John Garrett), so that wasn’t a big surprise.  However, I had not anticipated a mole within the SHIELD team.  Kudos to the sudden. unexpected, and brutal way it was revealed.  In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, agent Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) had been working for John Garrett all along.  While escorting Garrett to prison (aka the Fridge?), he killed “Hub” director and Coulson superior Victoria Hand.  (At least it’s assumed she’s dead.)

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Supernatural: First Born (911)

Timothy Omundson plays Cain

The First Murderer shucks some corn.

After the big-bang episode that was “Holy Terror,” last week’s “Road Trip” felt somewhat lack luster.  I feared the Supernatural writing team was resting on old laurels.   The brothers quarrel and separate, the brothers make up and get back together again.  And given that all the previews featured Dean and Crowley, I figured “First Born” would once again be a relatively Sam-less episode.  Thank you, Supernatural writers,for proving me wrong.

Jen at Fresh from the… mentioned last week how the show tends to rehash the same old story lines.  It’s always Sam who’s possessed or given special powers, etc., and wouldn’t be interesting if Dean were “the chosen one.”  (Of course, the one time Dean was given an other-worldly task, to be Michael’s vessel, he fought it tooth and nail.)

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Supernatural: Holy Terror (909)

Metatron meets with the angel inhabiting Sam.

It’s never a good sign when Metatron shows up.

Ho.Ly.Frak!  Jeremy Carver wishes us all a Merry Christmas.  He’s certainly left us with a boat load of angst and drama to mull over during the winter hiatus.

Shock and awe abound throughout fandom.  Sandy and Suzanne are flailing with excitement (and they’re primarily Sam/Jared fans, who should be worrying about Sam’s welfare).  The reviewer at said it best:

I’m gutted.  Heartbroken. Sad. Devastated. Shocked. Lying flat on the floor of my office staring up at the ceiling in a semi-catatonic state of disbelief.

One word kept running through my mind during this episode:  Game-changer!  (Or is that two words.?)

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