Warehouse 13 Season Finale

I give this episode 3 stars.Warehouse 13 has wrapped up its fourth season.  As usual, the fate of the warehouse, and possibly the world, hangs in the balance—not to mention the future of numerous characters.  Sadly, the show’s “be-all-end-all” cliffhangers have become tiresome.  Like “the boy who cried wolf,” it’s happened so many times, do we even care anymore?

The Warehouse 13 agents await word on Mrs. Frederick's condition.

The gang’s (almost) all here:newly serious Pete, nearly absent Steve, super-smart Claudia, and super-sick Myka

“The Truth Hurts” had some excellent moments, some bad moments, some ugly ones, and some that just made me say “WTF?”  In fact, it had too many moments.  This is probably due to Warehouse 13‘s shortened season 5.  Like Eureka, the series will conclude with a meager six episodes next year.  The producers likely had to jam more into this season’s finale than originally intended, in order to be able to wrap things up next year.  Last Resort did something similar that in its final episode.

So, what was good about “The Truth Hurts”?

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Warehouse 13: The Big Snag

I usually enjoy  the “special” episodes, the ones that take the heroes out of their normal milieu and plop them in an alternate reality.  Supernatural has done this a few times, often with excellent results.  This week’s Warehouse 13 followed suit, throwing Pete and Myka into the roles of a Chicago gumshoe and his girl Friday.  Even the title cards evoked the film noir feel.

Myka and Pete wind up in Chicago circa 1940.

Myka and Pete circa 1940

Pete and Myka are using Vyasa’s jade elephant to absorb and contain electrostatic energy balls bouncing around the warehouse.   (This is, after all, the warehouse where weird things happen all the time.)  When the elephant “overloads” from absorbing too many balls at once, its energy knocks an unfinished manuscript off the shelves, its pages to shower Pete and Myka as they float to the floor.  When the papers settle, Myka and Pete are in the black and white world of 1940s Chicago.  Except, as Myka says, “The 1940s were in color, much like the rest of history.”

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Warehouse 13: Season 4

[From now on, abbreviated W13. Just because I’m lazy.]

I’m not a big fan of this show.  I like it, but apparently not enough to watch it live or soon after it airs. For example, I finally watched the Sep 17th episode, “Second Chance” last night.  (Only 5 days late.)  And yet, I tend to enjoy most of the episodes (to varying degrees).  With “Second Chance” I actually enjoyed the B Team (Claudia and Steve) more than Pete and Myka.  Probably because their “investigation” was much more personal and poignant.  And Laura Innes (from ER) played Steve’s mother.  Good casting!

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Warehouse 13

Oops.  What was the title for this week’s episode?  Oh, IMDB says it’s “Burnout.”  That makes sense.

I actually thought it was pretty good.  Ok, maybe that’s an overstatement.  It was reasonably good.  I even shed a tear at the end, when Rebecca opened the box from Jack to find a diamond ring.  Maybe everyone else saw it coming, but I didn’t.  Aww.

This episode did a good job of highlighting Pete and Myka’s relationship.  There’s a nice chemistry there, but it’s a friendship/partner vibe, not a romantic vibe.  I like that.  Both Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly did a great job in the scene where the electric-lobster-spine thingie was killing Pete.  Myka’s voice broke when she said she just couldn’t lose another partner.

As much as I like Rebecca, I’m glad she didn’t accept Artie’s invitation to stay at the Warehouse.  That would have been uber-hokey since they just added Claudia to the team.  (Although I’m not sure where that’s headed with that since Allison Scagliotti is still listed as a guest star.)

I am beginning to enjoy this show.