What’s New This Fall?

Last year, the 2013 television season brought us several new scifi-oriented shows.  Only a couple of them survived.  Does this year bode as well (or as poorly) for the genre?  I’m not sure.   I’ve been checking out some of the new show previews on Xfinity.  Here’s what I’ve gleaned so far.  Interestingly, these three remind me of three current shows.

Gotham (Fox)

The cast of Fox's Gotham are featured in this poster for the tv show.

The Gotham cast: All the main players are here.

The most highly-anticipated show of 2014 is a prequel to the Batman saga.  As with Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I’m behind the power curve, having seen only a handful of the many Batman movies made in the last several years.  Ratjer, my exposure to the Batman world came from the Adam West Batman series of yesteryear; and its campy, cartoonish vibe was much different from the dark, forlorn tone of the movies and (I suspect) the comic books.

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Sleepy Hollow: The Midnight Ride (107)

[Why can’t the Supernatural recapper at Television Without Pity be more like the Sleepy Hollow recapper?  Even though the story is filled impossible phenomena, like making a cell phone call from a tunnel, or blinding a headless man (or a headless man at all), she still gives “The Midnight Ride” an A+.  But noooo, Supernatural fans (recapper included, whom I’m not sure is even a fan at all) have to bitch about and nitpick each and every episode.</rant>]

Ichabod Crane threatens Andy Brooks, who's already dead.

He’s ba-ack! Andy Brooks and John Cho return to Sleepy Hollow to save Abbie and threaten her admirers.

This show never misses a chance to behead something.  Whether it’s a compatriot rider with Paul Revere, a Mason (or four), a portrait of George Washington, or a stuffed bird (not to mention the “horse crossing” sign from the premiere), no object is off limits.

There are so many moving parts to Sleepy Hollow, it’s sometimes hard to keep up, particularly this week.  Let’s count the plots:  A) the information the Masons have on how to exploit the Headless Horseman’s weakness; B) the skull itself—yes, it gets its own plot; C) Abbie’s admirers, namely Detective Luke Morales and Dead Andy Brooks; D)  Paul Revere’s midnight ride; E) Thomas Jefferson; and F) bottled water, aka the comic relief.  Oh yeah, and then there’s Crane discovering internet porn.

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