Supernatural: Brother’s Keeper (1023)

The synopsis of “Brother’s Keeper” starts something like this:

Dean comes to a stunning decision that will alter his life — as well as Sam’s…

Yeah, Sam’s life would have been altered, all right—in that he wouldn’t have had one.  Talk about understatement!

Sam and Dean fight it out.

Can Sam be Dean’s “keeper’ if he’s dead?

The other night I was trying to recall the various Supernatural season finale’s over the years, in anticipation of how bad this season’s might be.  We’ve had an epic car crash, a couple deaths, a crossroads deal, the beginning and the end of the apocalypse, demons released from hell, and angels released from heaven.  Given the events of the last few episodes, this season was definitely heading for an Epic Cliffhanger of Winchester Angst (ECWA, for short).

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Supernatural: Season 9’s Top Seven Episodes

With the new fall season about to start (where did the summer go??), it’s time to look back on the last season of Supernatural.  While season 9 wasn’t quite as good as season 8 (which re-energized my love—and Suzanne’s—for this show), it had its gems.  We had two excellent story arcs with several shocking twists and turns along the way.

Here are my seven favorite episodes from an excellent season, in chronological order (since I’m not sure I could rank them).

Dean watches over a comatose Sam.

I Think I’m Going to Like It Here (901)

1.  I Think I’m Going to Like It Here (901):  Supernatural’s season premieres are often among their best.  E.g., “In My Time of Dying” (201) and “Lazarus Rising” (401) are two classic all-time favorites.  “I Think I’m Going to Like It Here” could have come across as a rehash of old patterns, but it combined some well-worn scenarios with fresh prespectives.  With the added bonus of Jim Beaver’s Bobby and Julian Richings’ Death, actors and characters I adore. Continue reading

Supernatural: I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here (901)

Hey!  There’s a “Salute to Supernatural Convention” coming within 5 miles of me next May.  I know because they advertised it four times during the show.  And the Gold Package is already sold out!  😀

My hat’s off to all those who can write a coherent, meaningful recap/review of an episode and post it by the next morning.  I have to mull things over and rewatch the episode before I know what to say.  Even then it’s iffy.

Bobby sits in the back seat of the Impala.

Look who’s back! If only for awhile.

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Best of Supernatural: Season 6, part 1

This has been an incredibly hard review to write.  No wonder season 6 was so unmemorable; it was a jumbled mess.  Or maybe it’s a mess because I didn’t watch these episodes in order.  Sometimes that can really screw with your head.

Rufus Turner helps Bobby Singer, or vice versa.

Grumpy middle-aged men.

Even so, the buildup to Sam’s soullessness was well done.  Although his behavior was a bit “off” from the beginning, we knew something was wrong in “Live Free or TwiHard,” when he let Dean get turned into a vampire.  In “You Can’t Handle the Truth,” he was immune to the truth spell.  When we finally learned what the problem was in “Family Matters,” the saga continued but with a different focus until mid-season.

Many will disagree, but Dean was insufferable.  When he wasn’t whining to Bobby about something being wrong with his brother, he was trying to run Sam’s life.  Can you imagine how Dean would react if Sam tried to make every decision for him?  In that respect, the show really does have the older/younger brother relationship down pat.

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Supernatural: ‘Swap Show @ Midnight’

Swap Meat (512)

This episode gets 3 stars. Hey , there’s actually a SciFi Chick(s) review of this episode.  That makes my work here much easier.

Sam fnds an occult book in Gary's school locker.

Sam looks good in blue

There’s not much new to add. I still chuckled at the first scene of Gary-Sam admiring himself in the bar’s mirror. Jared Padalecki did a great job of channeling his inner teen.  I initially wondered why Gary chose Sam’s body for the swap when Dean is considered more classically good looking.  Of course, the question was later answered.  I doubt Gary would want to swap bodies with someone on the devil’s kill list.

Idle thought of the episode:  Gosh, it didn’t take long for “salad shakes” to become passé.

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