Agents of SHIELD Season 2 Hypotheses

Prior to watching to second season premiere of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (which you will see referred to properly only this once) I read a spoiler that said Skye is an alien.  Yes, it was a joke, but it would have made her so much more interesting.

The regular agents of SHIELD are augmented by another team.

The gang’s all here, and then some.

“Shadows” was neither over- nor underwhelming.  It wasn’t a bad outing, but it didn’t motivate me to write anything about it.  Until I watched it a second time.

The first time around, my biggest question was “Who can you trust?”  So many possibilities!  First there’s Mack, Tripp’s mechanic buddy.  (He’s new, isn’t he?)  Then there’s Koenig (although, like John Cho, it’s hard to imagine Patton Oswalt to playing evil).  And lastly, there’s the ever-grumbling guy from Lucy Lawless’s team.  (Sorry, didn’t catch his name).

Watching the episode a second time cleared up a few things.  The grumbler’s name is Hunter.  The mysterious “he” who rewards Carl Creel with minerals he can absorb, is Reed Diamond (the ageless Whitehall).  And the goal of Coulson’s primary team (May, Skye and Tripp) was the “Quinjet,” the cloaking fighter plane.  (Although why did May escape via motorcycle?)  Yeah, yeah.  You may have made all those connections initially, but I did not.

More importantly (for blog purposes), the rewatch gave me pause to contemplate and amend my previous assessment of who to trust.  I herein give my theories for season 2:

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