It’s Time for a Poll!

You can vote for two shows.  Two shows only.  Otherwise, things could be messy.  Of course, that’s assuming anyone (besides Natalie) will vote.  😉

C’mon followers, all it takes is one or two ticks.  Don’t be shy!

(Sleepy Hollow isn’t included because it’s already been renewed for a second season.)

Let the rating mania begin!

Now that Supernatural March Madness is over, it’s time to get back to reviewing and rating the shows.  And there’s an exciting new twist —> YOU get to rate the episodes!

We could use stars to rate the episodes, as I’ve done in the past.  Or we could make the experience more personal with other icons.  Here are our options:

So let’s decide.

Supernatural March Madness: Final 4

The Final Four!

For the first time ever, Supernatural March Madness will play out nearly in sync with the NCAA tournament.  The Final Four will run this weekend, with the Championship game being published on Monday, April 8.

Dean awaits Sam's approval of his awesome hamburger.

Dean and Sam plan to celebrate the Supernatural March Madness Final Four with  awesome hamburgers.

I know some folks are in mourning the loss of “Lazarus Rising” to “Mystery Spot.”  To quote former President Bill Clinton, I feel your pain.

But the tournament must go on!

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Supernatural March Madness: Sweet 16, part 1

The Sweet Sixteen!

We’ve made it to the Sweet Sixteen!  Woohoo!  Only two episodes from each year made it this far.  For this round, we had a couple of close calls.  “Faith” beat out “Devil’s Trap” by the slimmest of margins.  And “What Is and What Should Never Be” squeaked by “All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 2.”

The Impala is parked by a scenic lake.

Two beauties:  Vancouver and the Impala.  What?  You thought I meant Sam and Dean? Jensen & Jared??  Ok.  They’re pretty, too.

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