Well crap.  Intelligence was cancelled in favor of another season of The Mentalist.  That makes yet another show down the drain.  My Current SciFi category is going to be significantly smaller next season.   Let’s look at the count.

Freshmen programs:

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It’s Time for a Poll!

You can vote for two shows.  Two shows only.  Otherwise, things could be messy.  Of course, that’s assuming anyone (besides Natalie) will vote.  😉

C’mon followers, all it takes is one or two ticks.  Don’t be shy!

(Sleepy Hollow isn’t included because it’s already been renewed for a second season.)

Why I Believe It’s Better than Resurrection

[Nope.  Not above a groan-worthy pun.]

This week brought the second episodes of Believe and Resurrection.  While a series can take several episodes to find its groove (*cough*Brooklyn Nine-Nine*cough*), two episodes each is still 100% more to go on than last week.

Jacob stands alone on the playfield while his mother looks on.

The citizen’s of Arcadia, MO discriminate against the previously dead.

After the pilot episodes, I found Believe more entertaining than Resurrection.  I couldn’t have told you why, it was something I felt.  Now that the second episodes have aired, my verdict of Believe over Resurrection still stands.  At least now I know why.  Not that Believe‘s second episode didn’t have problems.  It did.  But I’m willing to forgo them in the interest of the longer run.

Resurrection is generating more positive buzz, what with better ratings, more coverage, message-board enthusiasm, and critical acclaim.  Heck, Resurrection even has its own listing at Television Without Pity.  It’s also being covered at TV Fanatic and io9, two sites that don’t even acknowledge Believe exists.  Why is that?  Alfonso Cuarón is hot property now.  Did NBC just drop the ball promoting it?

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Resurrection: The Returned (101)

What respectable tv-oriented blog wouldn’t be aware of a new genre-related show premiering?  Yep, that would be this one.  Oh wait.  The key word is “respectable.”

Resurrection, one of last fall’s best-reviewed new shows, debuted last night to my utter oblivion.  Thank you’s go to Television Without Pity for bringing it to my attention, and OnDemand for making it available for viewing.

Jacob has a siezure on the porch of his house.

Jacob has a seizure shortly after returning home.

The concept is terrific.  Dead people begin showing up in a small Missouri town, having not aged a day since their deaths.  That point is brought home immediately with the return of Jacob, an eight year old boy who drowned 32 years ago.  Actually, the boy first shows up in rural China, eventually making his way to his hometown with the help of an immigration official.  Luckily, his 60-something-year-old parents live in the same house.  (Good thing they didn’t down-size.)

Of course there’s the requisite disbelief.  First the parents, then the town sheriff and doctor (the boy’s uncle and cousin, respectively), and finally Jacob’s best friend, who’s now pastor of the local church.  Along the way, we meet the doctor’s friends, a brother and sister.  That’s important because in the course of the episode, we learn both their parents are dead.

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