The Five Most Facinating Characters

Who are my 5 most fascinating characters?

The end of the year brings with it a plethora of “best of” and “worst of” lists, and SciFi Chick(s) is not above such frivolity.  But instead of the mundane “best and worst of,” how about a look at some of the most intriguing characters on sci fi television?

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Rating Dragons, part 2

[We still have no votes for Once Upon a Time‘s Who’s Your Baddy poll. 😦  C’mon, I know there are fans out there!  Don’t be shy.]

Now, let’s continue our rating of the Dragons: Riders of Berk episodes.

In Dragons We Trust (105)

This episode gets 4 stars.

Tuffnut, Ruffnut, and Snotlout confer as part of the "Dragon United Monitoring Brigade" confer.e

The dumbest members of the “Dragon United Monitoring Brigade” (DUMB)

There’s a rash of vandalism on Berk, and that pesky Mildew blames it on the dragons.  Hiccup gets proof that Mildew, using dragon-like accessories, is actually the real culprit, but Mildew throws away all the evidence before Hiccup can make his accusation.

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Rating Dragons, part 1

Toothless is happy the show is rated PG.

Toothless is happy the show is rated PG.

Hmm, I haven’t rated any of the Dragons: Riders of Berk episodes.  (Maybe I figured every one would be 5 stars.  But some are better than others.)  So, lets rectify that situation and give the episodes their due.  Here’s a look at the first 4 episodes, complete with stars, mini-synopses and comments.

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Tales of Dragon Tails

Toothless is afraid of thunder.

Who knew?  The “Unholy Offspring of Lightning and Death Itself” is afraid of thunder.

With so many shows on winter hiatus now, it’s given me a chance to 1) breathe, and 2) take a look at past and recent Dragons: Riders of Berk episodes. Contrary to what I’d previously stated, the show aired 2 new episodes in the past couple weeks.  And while I’d been just a tad disappointed in “The Heather Report,” the show immediately bounced back to what makes it so endearing and delightful.

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Dragons: Riders of Berk

If I’ve learned anything from the “cancellation” of Last Resort, it’s to stop procrastinating.  (I’d planned posts addressing Navy rates, ranks, terminology and relationships [I’m a Navy officer vet],  but kept putting it off.  Now I’m not sure it’d be worth it.)

Dragons of Berk

The Dragons of Berk: Toothless, Belch & Barf, Stormfly, Meatlug, and Hookfang

And so it goes for DreamWorks Dragons: Riders of Berk.  I had lots of thoughts and comments, but I haven’t written very much about the series—even though it’s the main reason I rebooted this blog.  (Guess I got sidetracked by actual science fiction/horror shows.)

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