The Many Plots of “There’s No Place Like Home”

I would like to see Charlier Bradbury and Sam Winchester hook up.

But first, an open letter to Superantural‘s executive producers.

Dear Robert Singer and Jeremy Carver,

Can Felicia Day please become a Supernatural regular, ala Misha Collins and Mark (A.) Sheppard?  Pretty please?  And then, can she and Sam find romantic happiness together?  With perhaps an adventure in Tuscany searching for The Book of the Damned (by Charles Fort)? Not that I’m telling you how to do your jobs.

Love, Me

P.S. Dean can continue his love triangle with Castiel and Crowley.

Now, about all those plot lines.

1.  How (and why) did Charlie become evil?  And why is she torturing people?
Resolved at the 15 minute mark (with commercials).

2.  Why does Evil Charlie call Sam and Dean “Rocket and Groot”?
Ok, this isn’t really a plot point, but still…  Hmm, a quick Google search informs me that I should have watched Guardians of the Galaxy like I’d planned to last weekend.

3.  Who killed Charlie’s parents?
Solved within 19 minutes.

4.  How can our heroes deal with Evil Charlie without being able to go to Oz?
Resolved at 40 minutes.

Dean beats up Charlie.

Bad, Dean! Bad!

5.  How long will Dean last before the Mark of Cain takes over?
Since threatening the Defense Attorney doesn’t count (because Normal Dean would have done that), Dark Dean didn’t appear until 45 minutes into the show.

6.  Why is Dark Charlie’s wardrobe so much cooler than Good Charlie’s?

7.  How the hell did Jared Padalecki fit in Good Charlie’s teeny-weenie car?   He has a hard enough time riding in the Impala!
That mystery continues.