Arrow: Al Sah-Him (321)

Oh fandom, you’re so funny.  One of the first comments I read after “Al Sah-Him” aired was “I hate this show.”  To which I ask, “Then why the hell are you watching it?”  I know, I know.  Sometimes it’s hard to let go of a show you used to enjoy.  But why spend precious time watching something that’s gone sour for you?

In the holy triad of this week’s CW shows, Arrow comes in last.  But it wasn’t a total loss.

Katrina Law plays Nyssa al Ghul on Arrow.

Nyssa: Can we keep her?

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Arrow: Broken Arrow (319)

or “The Episode that Made Me Cry.  A Lot.”

In an episode where Stephen Amell didn’t get to wear his green leather pants, everyone told Oliver Queen how much they loved him.  It almost made up for the lack of Stephen Amell in green leather pants. Watching Oliver control Ray’s movements just didn’t have the same impact.

Captain Lance orders police to ram the door to the Arrow-cave on Arrow.

“No plant life will be spared during this raid!”

1.  I miss…
  • cooperative Captain Lance.  I’m beginning to think his obsession with Oliver Queen as the Arrow might be his downfall by the end of this season.  Then Lt. Frank Pike showed up and dang near confirmed it.
  • Oliver and Felicity.  Perhaps it was the double-dose of Felicity and Ray this week (having finally seen The Flash in its entirety), but the lack of the old Oliver/Felicity spark is becoming painful.
    • At least they threw us a couple of fine bones* this week, but that’s matter for a different topic.

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Flash vs and Arrow

The Flash:  Fallout (114)

Firestorm splits into his two inhabitants.

“Nuclear Man” fallout: Nuclear men.

Ranking this week’s characters:

1.  Iris

She rises to the top mainly because she’s finally being given a worthy story line, that of investigating the suspecious activities going on at STAR Labs.  Bonus points for no longer working at Jitters.

2.  Everyone else

In an episode of significant events, no one really stood.  Everyone was great.  The Firestorm arc concluded nicely, leaving open the probability for a return sometime in the future.  (Unless Robbie Amell’s movie career takes off.)

Arrow:  The Return (314)

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Decisions, Decisions

So, I ordered a “Sinceriously” t-shirt yesterday.  I’m not one to wear a celebrity’s face on my clothes (unless you count the time I ironed a small picture of Benjamin Bratt onto the wrong side of a white tee some years ago), but Stephen Amell’s charity supporting Stand for the Silent and Paws and Stripes is something I can get behind.  Besides, can one ever have too many tees?  I think not.

But I had a dilemma.  Should I order the crew neck tee in aqua Tahiti blue, or the v-neck tee in heather gray.  I really like the blue of Tahiti, and all my tees are crew necks.  But I also like heather gray and v-necks in general, but it’s $2.00 more.

So, what was my deciding factor?

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Three Yays for Arrow: Left Behind (310)

John Diggle takes up the slack in Oliver's absence.

John Diggle—the Un-Arrow

Yay!  :mrgreen:

(Green Arrow—get it?)  Oliver is alive!  Ok, we knew that would happen, but still.  Heck, even Stephen Amell said Oliver was dead (as a deterrent to Olicity) on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Yay!  |_|

The Lazarus Pit wasn’t used.  (That we know of…)

Yay!  🍸

The whole resurrection scenario dovetailed nicely with the flashback.  And Maseo really is Maseo, not whatever League of Assassins name he gave in the last episode.

We shall not dwell on the episode’s negatives.

Your thoughts?

[The Flash and Supernatural thoughts coming soon.]

Idol Musings

You know how they say news comes in threes?  Apparently, so do my celebrity crushes.

It all started one summer long, long ago when three of the world’s most eligible bachelors got married:  Britain’s Prince Andrew (the Prince Harry of his day), Mark Harmon, and the daily comic strip’s Peter Parker.  (Oh, c’mon, you know who he is!)

Mark Harmon has had a long career in television.

Mark Harmon then & now: Still going strong.

My types seem to know no bounds.  One year it was Lorenzo Lamas in Renegade, Joe Lando from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and… some other good-looking guy I can’t remember.  Unlike the first two, though, he didn’t have long hair.  Maybe it was Mark Harmon.

The next year it was David Hyde Pierce (whom I still adore), the little-known David Marciano from the early years of Due South, and… crap!  I can’t remember #3.  Again. But he too was of the not-particularity-handsome, follicely-challenged type.  See?  I look for inner beauty as well.

These days, I seem to have reverted to the rugged, handsome type.

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We Interrupt This Arrow-thon to Bring You…

… the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

The Doctor meets Santa Claus.

It’s Santa vs. The Doctor

Except that I tuned it out after 15 or so minutes.  Nor was checking in at various intervals enough to interest me.  Even the appeal of Danny Pink didn’t lure me in.  Instead, it felt as though Steven Moffat is running out of ideas.  The dream-within-a-dream-within-a-dream-(ad nauseum) has been done before, and better, in Inception.  Even the spinning jack was present, albeit replaced by the first word on a randomly chosen page of text.  Perhaps it’s time to turn the writing over to someone else.

As much as Peter Capaldi makes a marvelous Doctor, and as good as Jenna Coleman was last season, the prospect of the two of them journeying through all of space and time for another year holds little interest for me.


I have been distracted. 

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan star in Outlander.

Jamie (Sam Heughan) wraps his “plaid” around Claire (Caitriona Balfe).

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