A SciFi Sunday Seven

[Note:  Awhile back—ok, 2 years ago, I started a “Sunday Seven” meme at Stream of Conscience.   It was supposed to be like the old “Thursday Thirteen” only shorter.  And on Sunday.  🙂  Like all things me, I wasn’t consistent.  But let’s try again, shall we?]

I adore How to Train Your Dragon, both the movie and the books.  And now I get a weekly dose of Toothless and Hiccup and the gang on the Cartoon Network.  The series has proven to be a true little gem.  The animation is excellent, the lovely music is familiar while having its own nuances, and the stories have been exciting, humorous, and heart-warming.  (More on that in a later post.)

Toothless watches Hiccup draw him

Toothless the Night Fury and Hiccup the Viking begin their epic friendship in “How to Train Your Dragon”

My favorite episode is “The Terrible Twos.”  In it, Hiccup finds a small injured dragon, unlike any he’s ever seen before.  He brings it home and much of the story revolves around finding out the dragon’s characteristics.  Oh yeah, and Toothless is not happy about it.

There were so many laugh-out-loud moments, I decided to do a Sunday Seven around the episode.  And so, I give you:

Seven Great Lines from Dragons: Riders of Berk “The Terrible Twos”
  1. Stoic:  He’s not staying here.  I’ve got a one dragon limit.
  2. Stoic (after naming the new little dragon):  Well, can’t throw him out now.  We just named him.
  3. Fishlegs:  You know what’s next, don’t you?  Only the most important test to determine a dragon’s reaction to eels. (pause)  The Eel Reaction Test.
  4. Hiccup:  It’s like Toothless is jealous. My first girlfriend is a dragon.
  5. Gobber (confronting an angry Toothless):  You want to dance, big boy? ‘ Cause I’ve got my dancing shoe on.
  6. Gobber (having been thrown to the floor in a dragon chase):  My panpipes!  Now I can get the band back together!
  7. Hiccup (to Toothless):  I should have known you were just trying to protect me.  That’s what you do.  (Toothless regurgitates half a fish.) Then you do that.

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